Apr. 15th, 2016

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If anyone has a sure-fire way to regain the number of fucks one has to give for anything other than dicking around on the internet, I'm all ears. I've been sitting at my desk for the last few hours with absolutely nothing to do...just staring off into space. I could have been reading for school. I could have been home. I could have been dropping off my bike for some much needed love and repairs. But no. Just sitting. Staring off into space without the ability to hold a thought in my brain. I'm just exhausted. Between now and next Wednesday I have five papers to read. Two of which I need to be prepared to talk about in class. I was supposed to give another presentation, but like a quitter I bailed. My instructor seemed more than happy to meet with me outside of class to go over the material so I didn't have another freakout like last time, but...I decided not to take her up on it. Can't help but feel like I've let her down just a little bit as a result. Maybe that's what's causing the lethargy. Or maybe it's knowing I have less work to do. Still a lot of work, mind, just less of it. Or maybe I've succeeded in burning myself out a bit. Which is bad, because if I'm burnt out now the next five weeks are going to be interesting. One might even say awesome, if they meant it in the traditional sense.


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