Apr. 12th, 2016

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Things I have learned tonight:

- Lazarus, the form saver app for Chrome, doesn't seem to work with Rich Text DW text boxes. So the three or four paragraphs I had here before are now lost to the ether. Which...kind of sucks given that what I had written here pertains strongly to...

- The fact that I am all out of fucks for the foreseeable future. Especially with regards to  school, which can go eat a dick as far as I'm concerned. I'm just burnt out, and though I'm more than halfway through the semester, I'm still a long way from being done with it. I want to say that this is proof that maybe higher education isn't for me, but I'm doing surprisingly well in the class.

Like...entirely too surprisingly well given the agita I've been giving myself over the assignments and readings. 
It's almost like I'm too hard on myself and am not entirely an idiot. 

- Which has made me more strongly consider yet another tattoo. One to go on my forearm after the one on my left shoulder (rat), and the one going around my left upper arm (LEGO dark mark). I'm thinking asking friends who calligraphy to help me with a font and then having someone ink: The prefect is the enemy of the good.
Because if there's one message I could really stand to have indelibly inked into my flesh, it's that one.

But let's get back to this topic of school, shall we?
I had one whole week to make a rough, yet detailed, outline of my final project. As of the writing of this post I've got all zero of that done. It's due Wednesday. 
Well let's be honest, I had a couple of paragraphs typed out, but then Chrome decided to eat them. 
Eat a dick, Chrome.

In which I blather on about my class and the project due on Wednesday. )


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