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Please allow me to tell you about all the things I did today.

I balanced my checkbook. Scooped the cat box. Made my bed. Put away all my laundry. Even the stuff on the back of the chair. Resolved to cut my black fleece jacket population in half. Put away my yoga mat and foam roller. Showered. Dressed. Made a run to CVS for necessities. On the way home I bought flowers for the seder Roome A was hosting. Found out the florist is from the next town over from my hometown and that of course she knew my grandfather's old bakery. Bought seeds from the adorable Israeli couple that owns the local hardware store. Played a whole bunch of Ingress. Rode my bike to the new-to-me hipster bike shop and left it there for a much needed tune-up. Attempted to mentor a volunteer at the museum. Kind of taught 24 children about dinosaurs. Watched them later as they made catapults. Played way more Ingress. Sneaked left over seder foods. Read an amazeballs fic written for me for my birthday.

Now for what I didn't do today:

Write the rough draft experiment proposal I have due on Wednesday.
We all know that writing gives me the panics, yes? This isn't news to anyone by this point, is it?

I keep telling myself that all I need to do is get something down.
It's a rough draft. It's supposed to be ugly as fuck.
I'll have two weeks after this Wednesday to make it pretty. I just need a scaffolding. Even if that scaffolding is a beefed up outline with quoted sections in the place of my own text. All with proper citations, of course.
And then...there'll be the presentation.
Three more weeks. I can do this. It's only three more weeks.


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