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I spent the bulk of my morning/afternoon working on things around the house today. Bills were paid, credit cards were paid off, corners were vacuumed free of dustbunnies, even my laundry was folded and put away. The attic space that had, up until recently, been home to an infrequently/if never used, futon magically opened up. So me, being me, wasted no time in filling the void with other things from around the house.

While digging through boxes of random things I happened to find a brand new measuring tape!
Which means: New Measurements!

You'll find them below. doing my best to keep from thinking about the reasons for the changes since the last measurements were taken. It's a different tape! I've been jogging! There could be water retention involved!

So instead of navel gazing about the overall circumference of my body, I'm going to focus on the fact that yesterday I jogged a half a mile. TWICE.
This is very exciting for me.
Almost as exciting as having paid off three credit cards today.

Right Arm: 11 3/8"
Left Arm: 11 3/8"
Right thigh: 23"
Left thigh: 23"
Waist: 34 7/8 "
Ribs: 34 1/2"
Bust: 41 1/2"
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Except, for the fact that I am. But we can ignore that right out, can't we?

I've been meaning to make another post here for well over a week. As you can tell, that hasn't happened, but I'm here now...and that's what matters!

Last week I bit the bullet and joined a gym again for the sole purpose of running in circles. Well, jogging really. I'm determined to break through that wall that's keeping me from the 4th week of Couch to 5K. Each time I get right to the end of Week Three, something "happens" and I have to stop. Be it injury, travel, or my own slothy tendencies sapping my will to advance.

Thus far I've kept to jogging two days this week, which I'm really kind of proud of. I'll be even more proud if I manage to get my hokey butt out of bed tomorrow so as to have enough time to both add water to my aquariums AND do a half hour jog around the neighborhood. Here's hoping.

But let's not dwell on what could be, and instead let's focus on what was.

On Monday I biked from home to work, then I biked from work to the gym, then I jogged, and then I followed all that up with biking home from the gym. And before I even started all the biking I managed to jump on my Wii Fit for a weigh in. It was ... so bizarre, and yet awesome.

Let's talk about the Wii Fit first, since I damn near forgot it.
I've decided that the Wii is what I'm going to do to mark my progress weight-wise. While I hope to use it more than once a week, for the time being there'll be a weekly weigh-in on the Wii. almost fun to say: Weekly Weigh-in on the Wii.
If it didn't involve all the trappings and baggage that goes with knowing and internalizing that number, it'd almost be fun to do too.

The biking is pretty much a baseline activity as well. I mean, it's not as if work is going to get further away, or closer for that matter. For me the bike isn't so much about exercise as being able to leave my house whenever I want and get to work in far less time than when I walked. Oh I know it's great activity, but for me it's solely about transportation.

Though I will admit it's also a great measure of how much the jogging is doing for me.

Which brings us back to the jogging.
Have I mentioned yet in this post how much I hate jogging? Because seriously, I do. It just doesn't get easier. And if I stop paying attention to what my body is doing...I trip. Don't even get me started about what it's like to jog with DD boobs, because...I don't even want to go there.

SO! This Monday!
This Monday I re-ran Week One; Day one. It went relatively well. I didn't trip, there was little to no wheezing, and I was once again reminded that funny songs are the best Walking songs.

On Wednesday I re-ran Week Two;Day one. This also went relatively well, though I certainly found it harder towards the end than Monday's run. This, along with the fact that I might not be able to do a run until I return from my weekend trip, has me thinking that maybe I ought to stick with Week Two for another week before giving Week Three a go.

You'll notice that up until this point there has been no mention of the 100 Push Up challenge. There's a reason for that: I haven't restarted that yet. That'll be soon.

What'll also be soon is commentary on the obstacles Run for your Lives has released.
Plus, accountable weight and measurement details. I'd have that for you now, but...I can't seem to find my full length tape measure.


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