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I have a desktop running Windows 10. I have a lap top running Windows 10. I cannot get information from one to the other via my home network, because neither are capable of joining a homegroup, nor creating one. And I have no idea why. Also, I can't figure out why the desktop refuses to recognize my 5 gig usb thumb drive, where as my laptop sees it just fine. It's not the port, because that works with other things, just not this particular thumb drive. So I'm waiting 7 hours for the data to go from the laptop to dropbox so I can download it onto my desktop. There has to be an easier way.
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 I like to think I've been stupid productive during this the first three days of 2016, but my To Do list is still daunting leik woo. Mayhaps I should have resolved to make less ambitious To Do lists...
Either way, here's a quick itemized glimpse of what I've been doing over the long weekend:
- Cleaned and reorganized the files under my bed.
- Began the 2015 Tax Season by cleaning out my file cabinet of all last year's receipts and statements.
- Cleaned, Dried, and Refilled Grace's Poop Sandbox.
- Swapped out the Britta Filter for a new one.
- Did all my laundry. All of it. I have nothing but clean laundry...and the clothing I'm wearing right now.
- Began the Window Shrink-Wrapping project. Thus far I've got my room and most of the kitchen done. 
- Cleaned off my desk, my short dresser, and the carpet in my bedroom.
- Washed my pillows along with stripping and making my bed.
- Cleaned Lois' Tank.
- Moved The Boys to their new home. 
- Registered for Grad School.
Left to do:
- Finish weather sealing the other windows in the house
- Find a way to stop the redonkulous drafts pouring forth from my baseboards.
But still...not half bad.
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New Year's Eve day.
It's the time of reckoning. Of Top Ten Lists. Of looking back over resolutions fulfilled and not, as well as making new resolutions for the next 52 weeks to come.

And really, who am I to buck tradition?
So without further ado here's my resolution list for 2015: )

That was then, this is now. Resolution List for 2016: )
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And to be honest...I couldn't be happier about that.
2015 has not been an easy year, and while 2016 doesn't hint that it's going to be much better...I'm going to pretend for the sake of my health and well being.

Because it's apparently not the holidays without some self delusion, right?
So here's to 2016. May it be the year that my anxiety finally subsides. That things go well. And that solid grounding can be found.
Even if I have to fake all of that to make all of that. 
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Case in point:

The most productive thing I've done today is buy three new bras, and the only reason I did even that is because they might very well be the last three of these bras out in the wild.

You see, my favorite bra is being discontinued, and well...I'm a creature of habit.
These are my favorite bras.
The undergarments that made me damn near hear angels singing from on high when I put them on for the first time.
The platonic ideal bra that all bras should be compared against.

And the fucking company isn't going to make them anymore.

I'm wearing the one I ordered last week, so at least if nothing boobs look great today. 

Seriously, this is the only productive thing I've done today.

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Yesterday was Election Day, and like every Election Day since the fall of 2005, I was working the polls.*
It was a day that started at 4:30 in the morning and went until 8:30 at night. What some might call A Long Day. Mine was made to feel longer thanks in part to a sinus infection and a recent flu shot.

Yeah, pretty sure I had a low-grade fever for most of the day. Lots of fun.
Plus alongside that I had a wonderful bout of IBS. Not sure if that was brought on by the coffee I drank that morning, the fact that I didn't eat solid food until 4 pm, the overabundance of Vitamin C Drops, the flu shot, or a combination of all of the above.

Regardless! This post isn't supposed to be about any of that. Rather, it's supposed to be about my four favorite voters of the day.
If you've heard me prattle on about this already, I'm sorry for repeating myself.

4) The Social Media Savvy Woman.

Our voter list is organized by street address and then by surname, so when this woman came in to vote she happened to notice that her husband hadn't been in yet. When she was done with the whole Voting Processtm, rather than apply her complimentary, "I Voted!" sticker to her shirt, she instead took a picture of it with her phone.

"Twitter?" I asked.
"Facebook," she replied. "And I'm @ing my husband so he knows I got here first."
Then she smiled like a rather cheerful agent of evil. It was glorious.

We then had a delightful conversation which prompted me to look up what makes a City Councilor different from a City Councilor at Large on Wikipedia. And now I know.

3) The Performer

The Polling location is really a multi-use auditorium, and so there's a piano in the corner of the large room. No one I work with can play, but the last two election cycles brought in a voter who can, and last night he once again offered to play a song for us. I can't speak to the skill of the player, or the name of the song, or even whether or not the instrument was in tune, but it was awesome just the same.

I love that guy.

2) Children!

There's a Jewish School not far from the polling location, and usually during an election a representative from the school will come over and ask if they can bring the kids through to learn about voting and general Civics. I always say yes, because...ADORABLE SCHOOL CHILDREN! And because I feel as though I'm conversant enough in the general gist of things that I can whip up a presentation on the fly pretty easily.

Yesterday three groups came through, and while I wasn't feeling my best, I still managed to be fairly that I'm pretty sure that everything I said made sense.
I hope.

At one point, when I'd run out of things to say about how we fill out ballots, I asked if there were any questions.
A small boy raised his hand. "Why is your hair purple?"

I just kind of blinked at him partly due to the Sudafed Haze I was sporting at the time, and partly because my hair isn't purple, it's red.
"Because it started to go grey without my permission and I'm fighting back," I told him. Which prompted several other questions regarding grey hair, and why I might not like it...thankfully his teacher bought us back on course.
But for the whole day it just made me smile.

"Why is your hair purple?"

1) That Guy.

But my favorite person, the one who beats out all of those adorable stories above, is the guy who had to register a complaint. One he's apparently made before, and will hopefully make in the future...because LOLs.

"I've made this complaint before, and I'm going to keep making it: We shouldn't have signs or ballots in any language other than English.
There's two things you need to be able to vote in this country, to be a Citizen and to speak English."

Now, ...readers, if you're not already aware of this, what this man is saying isn't true. The United States has no Federally Recognized National Language. I'm not saying that life for anyone living here wouldn't probably be made a great deal easier by being conversant in English...or really just 'Merican will do,'s not a law that you need to speak it. Or read it.

I'd like to think that everyone in the US knows this. But apparently this man, who's a doctor by trade, doesn't...and that concerns me.
There were many things I wanted to say:

"What do you have against Blind People voting?"
"So the Deaf can't vote?"
"I'm sorry, you ignorant piece of shit, you're wrong and you should be made to feel ashamed for your bigotry. LOOK EVERYONE! LAUGH AT THE RACIST BIGOT! LAUGH!"

But I didn't say any of those things, because...during the hours the polling location is open, we're not supposed to talk about politics.
Also, I'm trying my hand at this Being An Adult thing.**
SO rather than engage him in a conversation that I knew wasn't going to change his mind, and certainly wasn't going to keep my blood pressure around Normal Resting, I listened. I smiled in the way one does when listening to reassure the speaking that you're doing the whole listening thing.
And then I said, "Okay. I'll make a note of that." Then I handed him his ballot.

He went on his merry way, voted, and just as he was leaving said, "Adios!" to the room at large.
Douchecanoe, party of one. Your table is ready.

So there you have it, highlights from yesterday's election.
Wicked exciting, right?

* Which is different than working the Pole, where at least your flexibility and people skills earn you more per hour.
...or so I've heard.
** Progress is slowgoing.


Nov. 1st, 2015 11:00 am
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October is dead to me. I don't want to see October, nor hear mention of it as a month for an entire year. 
About mid-way through the month I realized that it'd be more appropriately named: Month of a Thousand Cuts.
It was just one frustratingly negative thing after another, and oh how I want to make a list of the shit that sprayed my way this month, what end? 

It's not going to change what happened, and it's likely not going to affect how things go in the future.
Save to maybe tempt fate to revisit October on me again in November.

So no, you don't get a laundry list of annoyances great and small. There won't be an index of health related miseries. Instead consider yourselves lucky and give the nearest loved one to you a nice hug. 

Onto November!
A month of reunions!
From the first election I've had to work in a year, to the revival of the Star Trek Cast, to Thanksgiving, to my 20th High School Reunion.

I've got some serious live changes to make this month, and here's to hoping they all work out for the best. Or at very out in a direction that puts me in a direction towards the best. 

At the moment I'll take what I can get.
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I'm just flat out stealing this for reasons...

So what have you been up to?

Most recently? I've been doing a whole lot of Admin stuff for Milliways. The Cast List is just about nailed down. I'm re-writing the FAQ. In addition to that I've been doing some editing of a podcast that I'm a part of called "Foxes in the Hen House." I...kind of love it. It's a lot of fun, and I don't think I sound like too much of an idiot, so there's that.

Major life changes? Same old same old?

Aside from the above? Not really. 
I'm still working where I was working. 
I'm still living where I moved to round'about this time last year.

I guess I bike a lot more now. Oh! and I'm using this Habit RPG app to manage my To Do lists in an attempt to be a more productive, more fulfilled grown up person.

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?

Mostly Avatar/Korra and Turtles, because...reasons.
Though I have become rather obsessed with "Gilmore Girls," "Over the Garden Wall," "Steven Universe," and "Gravity Falls" as of late, but I wouldn't say I'm a fandom participant. More like a passive appreciation thing.

Luke is the only consistently redeeming thing in Star's Hollow. I wish Greg where my Patronus, but let's be's Wirt. Big Gay Space Rocks for the win! Grunkle Stan, you are the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

Where do you hang out online?

Tumblr. Plurk. Facebook. Those're where I'm the most active.
But I keep an eye on Twitter, an on LJ/DW too. I just don't post there nearly as much.

What are you reading?

Comics like Lumberjanes, Sex Criminals, Ms Marvel, and the ongoing TMNT book from IDW. I'm most of the way through Siddhartha, and I'm also reading Felicia Day's autobiography.  

What are you watching?

Mostly the cartoons I've already mentioned: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall with anyone I haven't already made watch it. 

What are you making?

Foxes in the Hen House. I've got a Voice Acting Demo "reel" that I need to put SOMEWHERE...but haven't figured out where yet. I'm Sound Designer for a production that goes up around Halloween, and starts rehearsals tonight. 

What are you squeeing about today?

The next Foxes episode went up today, and I did the editing for it. So...I'm kind of squeeful about that. 

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be.....

Would you be interested in the stories of wayward siblings exploring the mysterious world around them?
What about Big Gay Space Rocks?

I should really watch/read/dive into _______ and then come talk to you about it!

I'm almost finished with all of Gilmore Girls. After that  I think I'm going to finally finish "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "Community."
What else? What am I missing?

What else is on your mind?

My Cat. She's been giving me agita with her health issues recently.
Upcoming travel. Not hitting up Dragon Con for the first time in a decade. that true? Has it really been ten years? Cripes. Instead I'm headed to Long Island to spend the long weekend with friends. 
I'll be back in NYC over Columbus Day too.

And then there'll be 10 days or so in October where we're getting a 'Nny! And I could not possibly be more excited about that than I already am. 

Found someone in the Back Bay selling a 90 gallon aquarium for $150. Seriously thinking of taking it off their hands, so that the boys will have some more space. Trying to figure out the logistics.

Pondering going back to I always am. Looking for a new job, or what's more additional job. Just something to take the edge off my credit card debt. 

SO yeah. Things and stuff!

Rec room

May. 27th, 2015 10:55 pm
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It has come to my attention that I am desperately in need of your services. Or more to the point, your recs for personal hygiene products. Specifically a good, yet gentle, facial cleanser and leave-in hair product.

Several months ago I developed a bit of rosecea that's currently being treated by both a topical antibiotic as well as an oral one. It...might have occurred to me that this condition developed in part because the soap I'm using in the shower might be freaking my face right the fuck out.

So I'm looking for something that is gentle, yet effective in the face cleaning department...since I just can't seem to quit the Doctor Bronner's All Mint Soap All The Time train.

In the last few years I've also noticed that my once bone-straight hair has begun to curl. Like sometimes there'll be perfect banana curls and everything, but only if I play my cards just right.

On the advice of a friend I've stopped using a hair brush, and only use a wide-mouthed comb in the shower after conditioning, and then my hands for styling. What I'm missing here though is some good post-shower-hair-still-wet kind of product that'll keep flyaways at bay, but won't make my hair crunchy.



*Imagine, if you will, that I sound like Steven Colbert when you read this.]
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After much time, and actualfax budgeting, it arrived yesterday.
The New Fluval 406 that will soon be running the Biosphere.*

This morning before work I began the process of unpacking it from the Amazon box, only to's actually not the model I thought I was getting. For some reason I thought I was getting the 306, and not the 406. This isn't bad, or at least I don't think it is. It's just that the 406 is bigger. Way bigger. It's for fish tanks that contain at least 100 gallons, and the Biosphere is only half full, so...damn that is going to be some VERY filtered water once I get it up and running.

Which I'm hoping will be tonight.

So yeah, that's kind of exciting. Following closely on the heels of getting that project completed I'm going to tackle the Tank Room closet. At the moment the closet is a loosely organized collection of cleaning supplies, hard ware, and crap we couldn't find another place for. We just kind of piled everything into the barely-functional and cheaply constructed built in storage solution that the people before us had in there.

It's a mess, truth be told, but somehow the dudebro who installed it managed to get the plaster and lathe to behave. Me? I'm just going to empty the damn thing, make sure the shelving unit I purchased second hand from a friend fits, and then tear all that shit out with the hopes that the closet will not only fit everything we have in there now, but more.

The goal is to have that at completed by Sunday, but...we'll see how that goes.

From there I can pursue some more creative projects, like...making a baby blanket to look like River Song's journal cover, drawing, and possibly even playing with paint.

I feel like I need to do something. That I need an outlet for this nervous/anxious energy I seem to have an overabundance of these days. Or maybe it's more that I feel like I have something to prove.
I'm not sure, still chewing on that.

But first things first: New Filter Day.

* The Biosphere being the name for the 90 gal. aquarium that currently houses my turtle Lois.
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Just last week I was telling my Head Shrinker about how, at my core, I am an irresponsible person. That I rely on habit and ritual to make sure that I keep things from sliding out of my grasp.

Things like:
- Silver braided ring.
- iPod nano
- iPod shuffle
- Bluetooth earbuds
- Sport earphones with cloth cord
- Bose earbuds

Why do I list those things specifically? Because I've lost them all in the last year. The Ring, Shuffle, and Bluetooth earbuds within the last month. All because I was careless with them, and didn't take the extra ten seconds to put them where they "should" be.

When I started 2014 I had three iPods to my name, and now...I have managed to lose all three of them.*I'm so mad at myself right now. And what makes that angry even worse? That the Bluetooth earbuds weren't even a week old.**

I want there to be money in the budget for things like...a new iPod to replace the three. Or maybe even more wireless headphones. I also want there to be money for sailing lessons and a new bike...and new filters for my aquariums. But mostly I just need extra money to pay off my credit card debt. Dropping that class last semester really put the breaks on my debt reduction plans for the year.

Ugh. Today is just a day where I'm going to be grouchy about bad decisions I've made, apparently.

* Okay...the last one wasn't so much "lost" as it was "bricked" finally after over a decade of service. But the point remains.
** Granted I really didn't like them all that much, and they cost me a whole whopping $7 out of pocket, BUT STILL!
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Work has been insufferable this week.
There is no good reason for my weekly To Do list to not be To Done, save for the great heaping pile of microaggressions mixed in with a general Post-Vacation Brain Cloud.

And speaking of vacation, let's talk about that briefly:

It was exactly what I needed.

I needed to swim in warm ocean water and explore tidal pools and eat way too much Gallo Pinto and sleep late and drink fruity drinks with tiny paper umbrellas. I just...needed that.
Bottom line and financial net worth be damned. I needed that.

So now I'm back with a slightly greater sense of purpose.
Oh don't get me wrong, I still feel anxious to the nth degree about how adulthood is NOTHING like it said on the tin, but at least instead of standing still and worrying...I'm moving somewhere and worrying.

Well "moving somewhere" might be a bit of a misnomer. I've signed on to stay at the New Place for another year. And yes, it'll be the New Place until such time as I've lived there longer than the Old Place. I don't foresee that happening, but seeing as I didn't foresee it happening last time...I really shouldn't comment further.

With the staying for another year comes the project of getting myself out of debt/rebuilding my savings that must also occur. So that's an ongoing project that would be slightly less ongoing if I didn't insist on traveling so much.

Like say, to San Diego for Comic Con. Which I am again attending this year. Not that I've gotten airfare yet, but that's on my current To Do list.

Yesterday I called Harvard's Extension school to inquire about the expiration date of my credits there. This morning my Academic Advisor called me back: Ten years. My credits are good for ten years.
This is awesome for a couple of reasons, the biggest of which being that I thought they expired in 5 years, know, this fall. Hooray!

I am two classes towards a Masters in Biology, and come next Monday I'll be having a phone conversation with my Academic Advisor. I have to say it one more time: I have an Academic Advisor. So weird.

I also have a Career Counselor, who I'll be meeting for the first time next week. That...would be the other phone call I made yesterday. Originally I was supposed to meet with a career counselor back in February, but that was a month filled with snow and snot and other things that just suck shit through cheesecloth, so now it's next week.

I majorly need help with a resume, and maybe a career path. Or even a job street, since I think career path might be beyond me.

Let's see, what else is news while it is news:

I finished a scarf for my mother that I'd put off finishing for the last year or so. Right as it's starting to get warmer in the greater New England area. That's...strangely fitting for some reason. I'd kind of forgotten how horribly stressful/relaxing knitting can be. Maybe this will finally be the year I break out the Hat W/ Ear Flaps kit that was gifted to me oh so many moons ago.

Though I do intend on breaking out the sewing machine as well at some point. If for no other reason than the living room drapes could use a hem, and the fabric on the chaise lounger in the living room could do with some tidying up.

So yeah.
Things and stuff.
Forward progress...I think?
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Twenty-Four hours from now I'll be in Costa Rica.
I have no idea what I'll be doing, but I'm hoping it's not a hell of a lot given I'll be waking up sometime around 4 tomorrow morning to be ready to head to the airport at 5.

NO SLEEP 'TIL...Costa Rica?
Yeah, sure. Let's go with that.

At the moment I'm doing that pre-travel freak out thing. Where I have a To Do list, but I'm so unfocused I'm not actually doing any of the list. Evidence of this can be found in the fact that "Post to Journal" is not an item in need of being done.

And yet here I am.

The good news is that aside from some last minute toiletries, I'm packed. Actually...I'm probably a bit overpacked. It's supposed to be 90+ degrees there with high humidity. I have no idea how to dress for that kind of weather, so I may have added far too many things to my bag to compensate.

Along with packing, I've got to teach tonight at the museum in an exhibit I've never taught in before. Strangely I think I might have a decent idea of what I can do to kill an hour's worth of time, but we'll see if it's effective. I really hate it when the kids I have range in age from First to Fifth grade.

I think tonight we're going to be talking about engineers, and where they draw their inspiration from. Apparently where I'm physically teaching there's currently an exhibit about making robotic bees. So I'll see about getting a picture of that creepy headless dog robot that MIT has, the one that can't be knocked over.

Okay, excitement is starting to overshadow anxiety. This is a good thing.
And...slightly more of a motivating thing. So yay for that.
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I was going to try and spell it phonetically, but it'd be a lot of "doo"s, and seeing as this post is going to be about my trek to the doctor yesterday, that seemed uncouth.

Even for me.

Heh....doo. )
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Just so we're clear: Subject headings have PRECIOUS LITTLE to NOTHING to do with the content of a given post.
More often than not it's the song I happen to have in my head at the time. we're clear.
I make this distinction because I finally really truly tried on my bathing suit this morning, and it looks faboo. Good in a way that I wasn't expecting, even. I am excite!

In preparation for Saturday's trek to Costa Rica, I've been doing ALL THE LAUNDRY! So that when I come home from Costa Rica all I'll have to clean is what I brought with me.

So last night, while I was doing a load of darks, I tossed my new suits into the washer and then hung them to dry overnight. For some reason I felt really good this morning, so since I had a few minutes to kill during my morning routine, I thought: that the suit is clean and dry, why not try it on for reals.

And I did.
And it's nice.

So that's a thing that's put a spring in my step.
Also the fact that I'm actually feeling pretty good today, physically. A very nice change from the usual lurgy that has been my digestive system for the last couple of years.

Don't worry! There won't be details here. Or at least in this entry. I'll put up something tomorrow after my physical. But yeah, if I could only remember what I DIDN'T eat the last few days. I'd just repeat that over and over again and go from there.
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For the first time in the better part of a decade I own a new bathing suit.
It took a three mile walk round trip to get to the store, and at very least six journeys from the sales floor to the changing room for me to find one, but I left victorious!

One bathing suit: purchased.
Achievement: Unlocked.
I just...hope it fits right and looks okay once it's on. Don't get me wrong, I'm ever so glad that there's the whole rule about having to keep one's knickers on while trying on bathing suits...but that does tend to hinder one's ability to effectively judge the overall look and feel of a suit.

Also unhelpful? Body dysmorphia, of which I have a scorching case. It's like...trying to parallel park a car you don't drive a whole lot. Funny enough...I also have trouble with as well.

I spent most of my trips to and from the changing room swapping out suits in XL for L sized, my head I wear HUGE clothing all the time. Because I am a HUGE person all the time. Round and swollen with too skinny arms and legs, not unlike a Mister Potatohead.

The small portion of my brain that actually deals in "Logic" knows that this isn't indeed the case, and I feel it's important to point out that this post isn't a cry for reassurances of any sort. This is what it is. And what it is, is something I'm working on. To be present and in my skin as often as possible.

But today, under unforgiving neon lights, I felt as though I was trying to find a spot for a Zipcar near Fenway when the Yankees are in town.
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It started early this morning. The thoughts just up and creeped into my head as I attempted to calm my mind to sleep. An existential crisis the likes of which I haven't seen in some time. Ennui that just grabbed me around the heart and wouldn't let go.

So I did what I've been practicing. I focused on the mental image of a blank sheet of paper. I took a deep breath in, and with every slow exhale I let some of the morass go, until finally my paper was clean. Slow going, but it did get me to sleep.

Cramps woke me a few hours later, and I did the same thing. Focused. Breathed. Counted. Eventually I fell back to sleep.

At some point in the wee hours of the following morning I heard the soap holder suction cupped to my shower wall give way again, crashing its contents onto the tub with a resounding thump you can hear through out the house. I sighed and rolled over.

It was going to be that kind of day.

The soap holder fell twice more.
The contact paper I'd rigged to hold our particle board bathroom sink vanity together has begun to peel.
The tomato for my lunch is over ripe.
My socks are threadbare at the heel.
The cat is begging for tuna, even though her kidneys can't handle the protein.
I've managed to drop everything item I've tried to hold today at least once.
The container holding my salad is not as water tight as I'd like, and now the inside of my satchel smells of balsamic vinegar.

And I can't get my jaw to stop clenching.

I'm back to that place in undergrad where I view my days as To Dos and not To Wants.
Mother fucking blegh.
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There was no avoiding the sick. I spent most of the weekend on my couch watching, "Gilmore Girls" while sporting a low-grade fever and popping Halls Defense Vitamin C drops like they were candy.
Which...if we're honest, they are. I don't actually expect the Vitamin C to do anything to speed up my recovery time, I just like the flavor...especially the grapefruit ones. Plus, I find them less harsh on my throat than regular cough drops.

Adding to my February Is Hell last post, I managed to lose my wallet again. Or rather, I think someone stole it from me as I rode the bus in a sinus headache-induced stupor on my way home from work late Friday evening. So that sucked.

Credit cards have been cancelled. I've already got my paper work going for a duplicate license. I'm out $8 and some loyalty points to my local burrito and vibrator shop.


Those are two separate shops, by the way. Not one that sells burritos and vibrators. Though...imagine the possibilities there!
No, no wait. Don't.

Anyhow, the weekend sucked. All my awesome plans to spend time with awesome friends eating awesome food were dashed upon the rocks so I could have less than awesome crud filling my lungs and making it impossible to sleep well or even stay warm. So fuck you, last weekend. You sucked.

I've made it to my desk today, and while I haven't done a damn thing in the last two hours I've been sitting here, I'm still kind of amazed I made it out of the house at all.

Boston is functioning on dialysis at the moment. Our subway/trolley system can't keep up with the snow, so we're all bus people for the time being. Or well...some of us have always been bus people, but now we all are. Bus or cab people.

It's been suggested to me, that I purchase a new bag because this is the second time my current satchel has aided and abetted me losing my wallet. It's also been suggested that I get a new wallet, and not just because my previous one is wandering the snowy streets of Boston alone and unsupervised. Or at least I assume it's alone and unsupervised.

My current theory is that it fell out of my bag, hit the floor, and then was inadvertently pushed out of the bus by the automatic doors as someone was exiting. Why? Because in the movie of my life that would be far more interesting to watch cinematically rather than someone bumping into me and taking it from my pocket.

There my wallet sits, in the foreground of the shot slowly being covered by snow as my bus pulls away in the distance. Like the floppy disk that falls beneath Jenny Calendar's desk that contains the spell to restore Angel's soul.

Yeah. I went there.

Anyhow, suggestions for good wallets and satchels would be greatly appreciated.

Wallet - needs a coin pouch. Would prefer something I could keep my Charlie Card in so I can just touch the wallet to the bus reader thing and go.

Satchel - external side pouch for umbrella would be CHOICE. Something with a key lanyard is helpful. Internal pockets are key.
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- I have a cough in the back of my throat that I did not have before. I cannot afford to be sick this month. To prepare for any upcoming sickness I have started defrosting my second quart of home-made turkey soup. We'll see how well this works for me.

- Work is going to explode. The project that prompted my Come To Jesus scold from last year...yeah, I'm kind of headlining it a bit now. It's coming to a head on the 23rd. Co-worker on the other project, the one with the Type-A boss gave her notice. Her last day is a week from today. That means I'll be the only person on that project until a new person gets hired.

- I went to see Bryan Konietzko speak at RISD on Wednesday night. It was geeky and inspiring and I need a demo reel.

- There are jobs I want to apply for, but that I'm petrified to do so. Resume writing is prohibitively hard for me.

- I have taken the lead on fixing/changing the cast list for Milliways. As of right this second not much has been done, but I do have a plan. I just to chill the hell out for a little while so I can have some downtime to...oh you know, learn html.

- If I can just make it to March, I'll be aces.
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