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Yesterday did not go according to plan, mostly because my plan for the day did not take into account a commitment that I forgot about entirely. So instead of a leisurely day at home trying to make sense of the whirlwind that my bedroom became post-SDCC, I took cabs and zipcars and recorded and drank way too much.

How do I know I drank way too much?

There was Karaoke. That's how I know.

Eventually I got home to my bed and the day was done...until about 5 am, when a searing pain in my right ear woke me from a drunkenly dead sleep.

Somehow I managed to sit up and assess the situation enough to know accomplish a high level of adulting while still mostly incapacitated by that state of being that exists between drunk and hungover.

I searched my file cabinet for the otic antibiotic solution prescription, found it, called CVS for one of the refills. Then there was the taking of two Advil and a Sudafed, along with the application of a heating pad to the affected ear.
Eventually I fell back to sleep.
I'm kind of impressed at the level of Adulting I can apparently call forth from the ether when push comes to shove. Go me!

Of course, now it's nearly 3 and I've yet to shower or dress. I also haven't eaten a damn thing or reupped my bloodstream with the proper amounts of decongestants and anti-inflammatories to keep my ear at bay. So apparently I'm only really good at Adulting when I'm not distracted by everything else.

Though, while my ear may hurt again, I have a balanced checkbook, paid all my bills, put away all my laundry, made my bed, medicated my cat, and fed the local birds. least there's that.
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