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This is my favorite time of year. When it's warm during the afternoon, but at night the temperature dips down into the low 60s. It's perfect for sleeping. I'm kind of stoked to get to sleep tonight, but not so stoked as to go to bed early. Going to bed early means tomorrow comes faster, and that means work. Boo. Work. It's not even that work is bad, it's just stagnant and boring as fuck. Computers that were busted back in April are still not operational, and my other project is on hold while the offsite people are spending the week training. It's gotten that I'm actually starting to do stuff I'd told myself I'd do ages ago. Things like Game Administration and teaching myself SQL of all things. I'm seriously considering bringing a book tomorrow and maybe killing some time during the day in the library. Or possibly picking up a knitting project. It's that dire. And what's worse is that I know everything is waiting for the week prior to my vacation to come back online so that way I'll be stressing my tits off in an effort to have a clean desk for the time I'm away. Frickin' boo. That's what I say to that. Frickin' Boo. There's more I want to talk about, but I got a free pizza tonight and decided to finish that bottle of wine that's been in the fridge and so my brain is delightfully fuzzy and the weather is nice and cool and...yeah. Work is boring and dull and stagnant, but everything else in this moment, is kind of okay.
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