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- I very much dislike how DW's Rich Text tab doesn't seem to jive well with Lazarus. I just lost an entire entry because of a missed keystroke, and now I have a sad.

- Trees are the worst. Seasonal sensitivities to their sex pollens are the worst. I've moved from the post-nasal drip/sore throat phase into the sinus headache/bronchitis stage, and it sucks. A lot. I mean, I'm glad my throat doesn't hurt, and that I'm sleeping in longer stretches, I just...ugh. I'm tired of this.

- In better news, the three cold sores I developed in the wake of the stress bomb of WTFkery that was last week are now mostly gone. Which is nice, because I like it when my face doesn't look like a festering....thing that festers. Yeah, I realized that using the word festering was probably all the adjective I needed there. Sorry.

- I think Grace is losing weight again, and this makes me sad. Also angry, because we had an agreement that she would live forever, but it's only been recently that I've been qualifying that with, "...and be healthy." I'm not sure if that anger is at myself for the oversight, or at her for abusing the loophole.

- A couple of weeks ago I watched both seasons of the British show, "Catastrophe." I liked it, and I'm glad I watched it, but...I'm also kind of glad they were the short BBC seasons. "Catastrophe" is the story of an Irish woman living in London who gets knocked up by an American Ad guy who's in town for the week on business...and then everything that sort of spirals out of control after that. They're not really good people, but they're not horrible people either, and I think that's why I kept watching. The overall humor pressed at the boundaries of mean and good taste, but didn't breach them. If nothing else this show made me feel less alone in how much of a tire-fire of a functional adult I am.

- Last night I finished watching "Grandfathered," a sit-com where Uncle Jessie knocked up Sadie Doyal 25 years ago and the kid grew up to be Casey Jones. Casey goes on to knock up New!Magenta and the resulting grand-daughter is what brings them all back together. It was cute and predictable and not ground breaking, but I liked it. In particular I liked the hyper competent lesbian, Annelise.

- Next on my queue of things to watch: Angie Tribeca, Grace and Frankie, and The Grinder. Why? Because reasons, that's why.

- During one of my Awake-instead-of-sleeping moments this weekend I remembered that I had spare keys for both my bike locks stashed somewhere safe, and I don't have to buy new bike locks! So that's a good turn of events. Provided I don't lose these keys as well, in which case I'll be good and fucked.

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