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So remember that great big giant To Do list I had for the weekend?
I got about a third of it done. Most of the stuff that fell by the wayside are school related. I have one more paper to go through for discussion on Wednesday, and then I have to find my Central Paper for my final project and summarize it in under two pages.

Not too bad right? Especially when one considers I have not a damn thing planned between now and Wednesday.
This is totally doable. Right? Because my brain is telling me to panic, and it's pointing at the one third unchecked boxes on my list.

 I did, however, actually get out of the house a bit. I had dinner with friends, saw an awesome show, and then totally crashed the cast party. Iiiii might have drank a bottle of wine in the process as well. This may have put a bit of a crimp in my Sunday schedule.

I don't know who okay'd the daystar being quite that bright, but....I want them found and held accountable.

I'm excited for this weekend on account of the traveling I'm going to get to do.
But in the meantime, there's reading, writing, and editing that need doing. 

Date: 2016-04-04 05:03 pm (UTC)
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Being kind to myself (and also REALISTIC) about my massive to-do lists is one of the harder things I've had to figure out as an adult. It's like, sometimes it's okay... to choose fun? and friends? and... letting boring chore things go? Wha??

I think what you have left is TOTALLY doable and I support your choices! Even the slightly painful wine-related ones!


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